About Us

Welcome to Mission:Oneness. Our site is for those seeking to grow closer to God. We’re here to provide resources to help you on your journey to oneness with God.

Whether you are searching, a new believer, struggling in your faith, or a maturing Christian, there are valuable resources here for you. Our desire is that you fulfill your life’s purpose and have a lasting impact in God’s kingdom.

Finding your way around this site

The menu above can help you navigate the four main sections:

  • The Blog lists all blog posts in reverse chronological order.
  • Oneness has content and resources focusing on our main idea: oneness with God.
  • Devotional Guide contains the most recent 1-2 weeks of our Daily Devotional Guide.
  • Under Resources you’ll find a page about beginning your connection with God, along with some audio recordings.

Our team

Team Oneness is a small but growing group of people dedicated to this ministry of oneness.

David Gosnell, a former pastor, is the principal writer.

Mary Gosnell is married to David and provides logistical support for the site.

Marie Vasile manages our social media presence.

Don Gosnell, David’s brother, writes and edits.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us with any questions, ideas, or concerns. We’d love to talk with you, and we’re sure we can learn from each other.

To contact us directly, you can send us an email message: contact@missiononeness.com.

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