Mission:Oneness is all about growing in oneness with God. We believe that should be a goal for every Christian.


First, it’s how God meets your needs. By growing closer to Him, you’re able to receive the amazing gifts that He provides. It’s really the only way to experience the abundant life Jesus promised.

In addition, God builds His kingdom best through those who are closest to Him. If you want to have an impact on God’s work, grow in oneness with Him.

Finally, it’s what Jesus prayed for you. In the upper room, He prayed that every one of His followers would be one with Him and one with His Father (see John 17).

There are other reasons to grow in oneness, but let’s get to what it really means. Here’s what oneness looks like.

In the Bible, God makes very specific commands related to our relationship with Him. They can be summarized in The 12 Principles of Oneness:

Principles of Oneness

The 4 Cornerstones

There are four important foundational aspects of oneness with God. We call them the 4 Cornerstones of Oneness:

  • Covenant. God relates to His people through covenants. He establishes covenants with individuals and with nations. Through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, He established the new covenant with all Christians. His covenant with you is the basis for your relationship. The covenant forms and defines the connection.
  • Confidence. Confidence is the ability to put your faith in someone, to believe in them. When you know you can trust God with your very life, you can learn to depend on Him in every aspect. You also learn not to depend on yourself, because that takes you away from God. Confidence initiates and builds the connection.
  • Communication. Every relationship requires communication, because communication feeds the connection. Through communication with God, you learn His thoughts, commands and directions for your life. And you express your own desires and concerns to Him. Communication sustains and energizes the connection.
  • Conflict. It may seem strange that conflict is a fundamental aspect of our connection with God. The reason is that, because we aren’t perfect, we sin against Him. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. But it’s what we do next that matters. By appropriately resolving the conflict, our connection with God is restored and even strengthened.

The stronger you grow in each of these areas, the closer you draw to God and the more you become one with Him.

The 8 Essential Life Dimensions

As you can see from the graphic above, each of the 4 Cornerstones consists of two complementary dimensions. We call them the 8 Essential Life Dimensions. Together, each Dimension pair fully describes that Cornerstone.

For example, Covenant consists of Love and Commitment. Why? Because God’s love and commitment form the basis for every one of His covenants. Because of His infinite love for you, and His total commitment to you, He has initiated a covenant with you. Jesus called it “the new covenant in My blood” (Luke 22:20). When you respond to God with love and commitment, you build your part of the covenant.

Here are the 2 Dimensions for each Cornerstone:

Covenant: Love and Commitment

Confidence: Belief and Dependence

Communication: Talking and Listening

Conflict: Confrontation and Forgiveness

The Bible describes the process.

Each of these principles has a very solid biblical foundation. They are all commands from God that He makes throughout the Bible.

You can certainly go into detail in any of these areas. Use the “Oneness” menu above to investigate the 8 Essential Life Dimensions.

The Bible emphasizes each one as a foundational aspect of your relationship with God.

The process isn’t new.

This is not a new idea. It’s solid biblical teaching that God has already given us. Our 4 Cornerstones and 8 Essential Life Dimensions are just a new way to describe what the Bible has been telling us all along.

So growing closer to God isn’t about learning some new process. Or discovering a secret that no one else knows about. God has already made it clear in the Bible. Your job is to carry it out in your life.

Jesus was one with His Father. And oneness with God is the ultimate goal. None of us will completely achieve that this side of heaven, but we can grow daily toward it.

These principles are fully integrated.

While they are separate and distinct areas of life, each of the Essential Life Dimensions informs the other ones. Certainly the two dimensions of each Cornerstone go hand in hand. For example, Love and Commitment form the Covenant. But they work together in other ways, too.

If you really love God, you’ll spend time with Him in prayer. So Covenant and Communication influence each other. The more you hear His voice, the stronger your faith grows, so Listening informs Belief. When you confess sin and receive forgiveness, that will build your love and commitment to God.

So these Life Dimensions are not isolated silos. They are parts of an integrated whole. They are all about your relationship with God, and making it as close, intimate and dynamic as it can be. When you emphasize each of the Essential Life Dimensions as part of an integrated whole, you will definitely grow closer to God.

These principles are comprehensive.

The Bible talks about plenty of other things in addition to these 12 Principles. Like joy, obedience, ministering to the poor, spiritual gifts, serving God, proclaiming the gospel, growing in grace, and so on.

But our experience is that when you focus on the 4 Cornerstones and 8 Essential Life Dimensions, you’ll find that all those other characteristics, attitudes and behaviors come along with them. Each of them can be found in one or more of these 12 Principles.

Take obedience, for example. Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15 ESV). So obedience is a proper result of love for God.

As you practice the Principles of Oneness, you’ll find they are a comprehensive guide for growing closer to God.

Nothing else is needed.

We don’t need to be looking somewhere else. Reading your horoscope daily won’t help you grow in oneness with God. Following another religion with its promises will definitely take you the wrong direction. Looking for a brand new experience, feeling or fantasy won’t get you there.

Christ told Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Corinthians 12:9 ESV). And His grace is still sufficient for you, too. In all things. You need no other approach to life.

But first, focus on God.

Let this be a warning for each of us: Growing closer to God is not a “check off the box” kind of thing. Just focusing on the prescribed steps won’t get it done. You can get too involved the process and miss the main point. If you think it’s something you achieve, rather than something God brings, you’ll make a big mistake.

The main point of growing closer to God is building a relationship. A relationship with the Person of God.

To repeat, the main point is your relationship with God. And in that relationship, He’s the senior partner. James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.”

We hope you enjoy the content you find here at Mission:Oneness. Investigate all aspects of oneness using the “Oneness” menu item above.

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