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DAVID GOSNELL  /  MAY 14, 2016

What if you could discover a proven, biblical formula to growing closer to God?

An abundant life of joy and satisfaction? Check.

Knowing and doing God’s will? Yes!

Fulfilling your purpose by impacting God’s kingdom? Absolutely.

Contrary to what you might think, there are time-tested principles that make these things possible.

They aren’t complicated. But they are required if you want to have the kind of life God intends for you.

My name is David Gosnell. I’m the founder of Mission:Oneness.

Many years ago, I struggled. On the job. In my marriage. At church.

Nothing was easy.

Then I started praying. I asked God for help, and He gave it to me.

Not all at once. Instead, He led me on a journey of discovery that took 20 years.

Why so long? Partly because I had a lot of misconceptions about God. Partly because I can be pretty stubborn. And partly because He wanted the time to make big changes in my life.

Now I enjoy a deep, strong, close connection with God. He continues to lead me closer. It gets better all the time.

David Gosnell encourages thinking that challenges readers to move out of their deeply entrenched bias boxes of opinion into a new and exciting experience: a deeper relationship with God.

Richard R. Blake
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What have I learned in those 20-plus years? Plenty:

  • How to really have the abundance and joy Jesus talked about

  • What Jesus actually meant when He said, “I and the Father are one”

  • The 4 Cornerstones you must get right to go forward

  • How love, forgiveness, faith, and prayer play such crucial roles in life

  • The 8 Essential Life Dimensions that bring you closer to God

  • Why growing in oneness with God enables you to fulfill your true purpose in life

  • And lots more…

Will it take you 20 years?

No. And yes.

No, because in those 20 years God led me to the 12 biblical principles that everyone must apply to grow in oneness with God. You don’t need to search them out for yourself. We give them to you. It’s up to you to apply them, and we help you there, too.

And yes, because it’​s still a lifelong journey. You never "arrive." Not this side of heaven, anyway. And the great thing is, you’ll want to keep growing as long as you live.

David Gosnell does a great job of laying out biblical principles for intimacy with God.

Dennis Poulette
Vice-President of Training Operations, Youth Ministry International   

At Mission:Oneness we study the Bible. We investigate all the principles required to grow in oneness with God:

  • How they interact with each other
  • How they made a big difference to people in those times
  • And most importantly, how they apply to your life now.

Then we share what we’ve learned. And you get the benefit.

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